"The tourist seeks, more and more,
the label Marca Azores in the product "

King of Cheeses In the shop that many already consider 'the cathedral of cheese' in Ponta Delgada, those who arrive know what they are looking for and the

products certified by the Azores brand - whether cheese or not - are increasingly a requirement of the consumer, especially the tourist.

With more than 30 varieties of cheese and decades of experience in the sale of Azorean products, the 'King of Cheeses' is already a must for visitors to the island of São Miguel. "I worked for someone else. Over time, my father ended up setting up on his own and this is the business of open doors for 33 years, "says Mario Bernardo, store manager.

Competitive prices, quality and friendliness. These are three factors that guarantee the success of this Azorean company that, day after day, receives with open arms and with the charisma of always, from the first to the last client.

"Buy at 'King of Cheeses' is to buy quality and guarantee. The assurance that the product is fresh every day. The guarantee that quality is ensured by those behind the counter, says André Soares, a desk clerk. Located in the Graça Market, in Ponta Delgada, the 'King of Cheeses' store has a wide variety, with more or less seasoning, for all tastes and for all appetites.

"In a store like this, obviously the most sought after product is cheese. From São Jorge cheese, Morro cheese, Furnas cheese, São João cheese, cheeses from almost every island ". Customers are therefore invited to sample this wide variety of cheeses, from which they can purchase portions. Each of them comes properly accompanied by a description, which ensures that each visitor chooses the right product and most desired. "We have tourists here from the mainland and from outside the country. The national tourists look for our São Jorge cheese, while those who come from further afield look for more durable cheeses or products that do not spoil with the trip, such as liqueurs, biscuits, cheeses, since we sell here a wide variety of Azorean products, for besides the cheeses, "explains Luís Barbosa, an employee at the counter.

Among the cheeses, there is one that makes a sensation especially with Portuguese tourists.

"The best-selling product is undoubtedly Saint George's cheese. Within its category, we have a stronger one and a little less. All of them are excellent quality cheeses, they are very satisfying to tourists in general and it is a mandatory product ", he adds.

Each of the products of the 'King of Cheeses' is of high quality and reflects everything that Marca Azores represents. "It is a seal and a differentiation of great importance because, increasingly, the tourist seeks in the product itself the Azores brand, which is the guarantee of quality excellence", says the store manager, Mário Bernardo. Looking ahead, the great goal remains to serve well and continue to focus on quality.