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About us - Our Story

We are a company in the field of selling regional products, more focused on a wide variety of cheeses, with more than 40 years of experience in the area.

The establishment, founded by Carlos Bernardo almost 40 years ago, began as a small grocery store, where you could find a little bit of everything. Nowadays, O Rei dos Queijos is a reference store for cheese lovers and has 42 varieties of cheese on its shelves, all made from Azorean fabric, as well as other Azorean products such as biscuits, jams, cheesecakes, wines, liqueurs and ground pepper, in a careful section of the best that the region has.

Rei dos Queijos has launched its own cheese – Rei dos Queijos – with a 7 to 18 month cure period, made with pasteurized milk, produced by Lactaçores.